How to retrieve location information in PHP

February 02, 2020
There have been many services available with which to retrieve a clients GeoLocation, the most common that I have seen being FreeGeoIP. Today I'd like to share how you can go about retrieving this information using PHP. It is worth noting that FreeGeoIP has been deprecated and IPStack has taken it's place. Luckily, the library I will be using in this post supports both FreeGeoIP and IPStack! Firstly we need to make ...

MDBlog - A static Site Generator for your Blog

February 02, 2020
blogging golang
For a while now I've been wanting to create my own Static Site Generator. After wait long enough, I finally decided to do it. Written in GoLang, with a very simple build script I'm pretty happy with the result. The primary purpose of it currently is to build a Blog. With full support for Markdown, this generator will generate an entirely CSS/HTML based site (with some JavaScript dependencies for things like Syntax High ...

Creating a custom numeric base in PHP

February 01, 2020
php math
Recently I wanted to create URL's that used words instead of integers for specific posts, however, these URL's needed to conform to three points. Be completely unique. Be repeatable with the same seed. Be reversible back to their seed. The idea of a numeric base (or "radix") is pretty simple, you have x number of digits to work with (in the most common base, base-10, you have 10 digits to work with: 0-9.) When y ...

JTwoD - Yet another 2D Java game engine

February 01, 2020
java gaming game engines
i know, this is really late Let me start at the beginning. Passion & Glide In early 2013 I had decided I was determined to make a game from scratch, without the use of any sort of engine such as Unity, Unreal or Game Maker. Already having a lot of experience in Java writing plugins for what was at the time the most popular Minecraft server software available: Bukkit, I decided Java would be a good place for me t ...